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Morphy Richards 720504 Power Steam Pro Pulsonic 1500 Watt Steam Mop Review

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Powerful steam cleaning with many great features…


The Morphy Richards 720504 Power Steam Pro Pulsonic 1500 Watt is a powerful steam cleaning solution

  • Ideal for most homes and offers powerful steam cleaning functionality that is perfect for removing stubborn dirt, dust and grime.
  • After cleaning you will get a super clean streak free finish that leaves any surface dry to the touch.
  • Special pulsonic floor head which agitates ground in dirt and dust.
  • You’re guaranteed to get a much deeper clean than a standard steam mop floor head which just shoots out high pressure steam.
  • Variable steam options it lets you decide which level of steam and agitation is correct for the floor you are cleaning.
  • Fill up to 500ml of water which gives you more cleaning time between having to refill your steam mop.


  • Plenty of time to clean your home with 25 minutes of run time,
  • Powerful cleaning with a 1500 watt steam heating element its enough to remove stubborn stains and grime.
  • Its not like a conventional steam cleaner the cold water from the tank is directly fed through the boiler or element which means steam is produced in just 30 seconds.
  • More great features include a replaceable cartridge which prevents pesky limescale build up and a special tool that attaches to the mop head.

An ideal steam mop for busy homes where a quick clean and more is needed….

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