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Vax S85-CM Steam Clean Multifunction Steam Mop Review

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The Vax S85-CM  is a multi function steam mop that offers two modes of cleaning…


  • Steam is perfect for removing stubborn stains and grease and leaves your surfaces dry and clean afterwards.
  • Full upright mode gives you the reach and speed to clean tiled, soft such as carpet and hard wood floors with ease and efficiency.
  • Handheld mode allows more freedom to clean lots of areas around your home including your bathroom and kitchen areas which include tile, sinks, ovens and much more.
  • Plenty of accessories are included so there are no limits to what and where you can clean in your home.


  • The microfibre pad is washable so can be reused many times and of course new microfibre pads are available from VAX.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic, the steam mop only weighs 2.1kg so carrying it around your home and performing cleaning tasks will be easy and hassle free.
  • Quick to get going, with only a 30 second heat up time you’ll be cleaning your home in no time.
  • Control your cleaning, yes control how much steam is provided with the variable steam controller located on the front of the steam mop.

A great steam mop capable of cleaning almost anywhere and anything in your home….

Key Features:

  • Cleaning multiple floor types including both soft and hard floors.
  • Removes and breaks down stubborn grease and grime
  • Multi function so perfect for most homes
  • Multipurpose tool clean which lets you tackle most jobs
  • Cleaning is controlled by a variable steam control allowing you to adjust the amount of steam coming out
  • Angular floor head makes tight corner cleaning no trouble at all.

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