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Vax S86-SF-C Steam Fresh Combi Multifunction Steam Mop Review

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An ideal steam mop which offers both upright and handheld cleaning….


The Vax S86-SF-C Steam Fresh Combi Multifunction Steam Mop offers great functionality at an affordable price….
  • Get the best of both worlds, both upright and handheld cleaning functionality. The handheld unit is easy to remove and very portable.
  • High pressure steam cleaning, powerful steam helps to remove dirt, debris and grime leaving a dry streak free finish and best of all leaves your home smelling fresh.
  • Built in detergent system, get extra cleaning power with the built in detergent dispensing system – refills are available.
  • Fast heat up time, with only 20 seconds heat up time you’ll be cleaning quickly.
  • Large water container, an impressive 0.3 litres of water is enough to tackle any cleaning job around your home.

  • Take your time cleaning, once filled and heated up the Vax S86-SF-C provides roughly 15 minutes of cleaning time.
  • Special angular cleaning head, if you’re using it as an upright steam mop the specially designed steam mop head allows you to get into those tight corners and perform a thorough job.
  • Built in compact steam brush, a great little design feature for removing those pesky stubborn stains.


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