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What is a steam mop good for?

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What is a steam mop good for? Absolutely nothing? Not quite, you would be surprised…

In recent years steam cleaning has grown exponentially, and the market for so-called steam mops has emerged with lots of models and features available from many well-known brands and some less so.

Traditional cleaning methods for floors would include a  mop and bucket, this worked but had its downfalls and it’s now 2018 so things have moved on a bit since then. Nowadays we have steam mops, they are essentially like a steam cleaner but tend to look like a vacuum cleaner and some models can be used to clean floors e.g. steam mop and convert into a handheld unit e.g. steam cleaner for cleaning things like your cooker, bathroom sink and more.

How do steam mops work?

A steam mop works by heating up water contained within a bottle which then passes to steam, this steam can be transferred to a pad and these can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The pads can be used on many different surfaces and some are specific e.g. laminate, tiles etc. The super hot steam then helps to remove any unwanted build up stains, grime and generally dirty. Steam cleaning is also great for removing grease and especially good for killing off viruses and bacteria rather than using chemicals.

How versatile is a steam mop?

Well depending on the model and its features they can offer incredible cleaning versatility around your home, you can literally clean anything from floors, walls and appliances and more!

What about drying time?

Good question, yes steam mops use water and we all know water makes surfaces wet which takes time to dry right? Yes, you’re correct but super hot steam cleans, sanitizes surfaces and dries almost instantly and that’s why it makes it an attractive cleaning solution for most homes and businesses. Not leaving surfaces wet removes the risk of any potential water damage.

Is a steam mop easy to use?

Many steam mops are designed to be very easy to use, you simply fill it up with water, allow a few minutes and bang you can start steam cleaning around your home. Many steam mops weight less than a traditional mop and bucket combination and this makes it quicker to clean your home and you can just glide around floors.

What about maintenance?

One of the most important steam mop maintenance tasks you can do is to make sure the actual mop part is kept clean and looked after because this is what’s cleaning your floors etc. That being said you can buy replacement steam mop pads from most popular retailers e.g. Amazon.


For the majority of people owning and using a steam mop will save time, effort and give your home a thorough clean. You should research and make sure you buy a steam mop with all of the features you require, remember buying cheap isn’t always the best option! I hope my post has helped you, please feel free to read some of our steam mop reviews.

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